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What's Your Plan?

Fire, Ready, Aim…We’ve heard that jested command used to describe an approach that while enthusiastic, lacks direction.There’s the new outfit we just had to have, now in the closet, shrouded in mothballs.Travel reservations made for the family vacation scheduled for a time that conflicts with nearly everyone’s calendar.A capital expenditure for your work or business…unbudgeted.
Facilitating a strategic planning business roundtable recently, I was honored with exposure to inner elements of several diverse proprietorships.Each is a fascinating enterprise representing an array of talents, abilities, passions, and creativities.The businesses came to fruition in a number of different ways:ideas, purchases, and spinoffs most often.The energy and level of enthusiasm among group members is high.
During these encounters I gained an education about small business plans.Some, especially those that have been in existence for a time, had created a fairly sophisticated plan that defined their visi…