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Resolution No. 1

Retirement ceremonies for public employees often follow a common script.  First of all they are typically funded through a “collection” from co-workers, considerate of possible citizen perception of fiscal misuse.  As a result the usual condiments include some de minimis financial gifts and gift cards, fruit and relish trays, punch, and a sheet cake.  Some colleagues offer testimonials.  The recipient will then utter a few words of appreciation, maybe fight through a little bit of emotion, and since the events tend to be at the end of the day on a Friday, we all go home.  
I would characterize the events as nice, certainly nothing elegant.
Some time ago Dalton retired from municipal service after a number of years.  He had spent a career working outdoors, often in harsh conditions as a journeyman something or other.  His occupational badge was identified by a bronzed and wrinkled complexion and callused hands. 
When the moment came for Dalton to share some remarks he detoured from th…